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Sequential Neural Processes

Gautam Singh, Jaesik Yoon, Youngsung Son, Sungjin Ahn

Neural processes combine the strengths of neural networks and Gaussian processes to achieve both flexible learning and fast prediction of stochastic processes. However, neural processes do not consider the temporal dependency structure of underlying processes and thus are limited in modeling a large class of problems with temporal structure. In this paper, we propose Sequential Neural Processes (SNP). By incorporating temporal state-transition model into neural processes, the proposed model extends the potential of neural processes to modeling dynamic stochastic processes. In applying SNP to dynamic 3D scene modeling, we also introduce the Temporal Generative Query Networks. To our knowledge, this is the first 4D model that can deal with temporal dynamics of 3D scenes. In experiments, we evaluate the proposed methods in dynamic (non-stationary) regression and 4D scene inference and rendering.

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