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Scaling Matters in Deep Structured-Prediction Models

Aleksandr Shevchenko, Anton Osokin

Deep structured-prediction energy-based models combine the expressive power of learned representations and the ability of embedding knowledge about the task at hand into the system. A common way to learn parameters of such models consists in a multistage procedure where different combinations of components are trained at different stages. The joint end-to-end training of the whole system is then done as the last fine-tuning stage. This multistage approach is time-consuming and cumbersome as it requires multiple runs until convergence and multiple rounds of hyperparameter tuning. From this point of view, it is beneficial to start the joint training procedure from the beginning. However, such approaches often unexpectedly fail and deliver results worse than the multistage ones. In this paper, we hypothesize that one reason for joint training of deep energy-based models to fail is the incorrect relative normalization of different components in the energy function. We propose online and offline scaling algorithms that fix the joint training and demonstrate their efficacy on three different tasks.

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